/* about.c */

#include "contact.h" #include "people.h" #include <time.h>

/* * We are a software consultancy specialising in carefully crafted Open * Source solutions, ranging from simple application adaptations to the * creation of complete Linux-based operating systems tailored to meet * specific and unique requirements. We specialise in leveraging Yocto * and Gnome technologies, with expertise that is second to none. * * Iain and Tomas have between them over two decades of participation * in the Open Source movement, combined with extensive experience from * high profile commercial Open Source deployments at OpenedHand Ltd and * Intel Corporation; our current clients include Vernier Software and * Technology (see the LabQuest 2 device). * * We were at the birth of some ground-breaking Open Source projects, such * as the Clutter OpenGL Toolkit, and Mutter Window Manager, and we are * the maintainers of the Gypsy GPS Daemon, Matchbox Keyboard and of the * Guacamayo Project. Along side these, we have contributed to numerous * other Open Source projects, including, but not limited to, the AbiWord * Word Processor, Ecos Real Time OS, Gnome Media, GStreamer, Matchbox and * Metacity Window Managers, OpenOCD On Chip Debugger, Poky * Build System, and the Xorg Xserver. */

typedef void* Future; static Future f; Future mktime (void) /* Shadow ?! */ { /* * TODO: standard C mktime() does not make time -- * need a more capable replacement. */ }

/* * Take a note of the date! *

while (!(f = mktime ())) { sleep (5); /* Anything TODO here ??? */ }

/* * © 2014 sleep(5) ltd */